Real Estate Technology on the Forefront of Local Agents

The real estate agents in Jaipur are going in the backdrop as technology is empowering the buyers and sellers decisions of buying or selling properties. As buying a house results into a huge amount of money getting blocked, people want to inspect each and every cm of the carpet area to detect any faults. The customer always would like to see that his money has gone to bring in some return in future. However as people do lives have become very busy, it is not possible to inspect the house over and over again which is both time and energy consuming.

New 3D imaging software are now available in the market to  give a detailed interior view from the top which can be viewed several times by the buyer at his own convenience before indulging in the property. The property deal

rs in Jaipur however cannot provide this kind of service. The Matter port 3D System uses a patented camera that is placed on a tripod and rotates 360degrees to take 2D and 3D photos. Then the image is loaded on the server of Matter port and a 3D model emerges of the required interior space. The Real Estate Agents in Jaipur have to work at par with the technology to increase their profit margins by selling more properties to customers. Not only the buyers but also the sellers benefit from this type of technology. They are also relieved from clearing of the house, every time a buyer walks in. This kind of Technology is not yet vastly available in India but technology has already started to take an upper hand in this business.

The property dealers in Jaipur bring forth prospective projects of Mahima studio panache which has apartments, villas and office areas. The Vishwaas apartments start from 1.3 crore with 3BHK flats with 3 bathrooms. These apartments will provide 24 flats all of which faces the main road with 70% open space area. It provides the facility of International Airport, Durgapur Railway Station, 5 star hotels and Hospitals like Fortis within 2 km radius. The Real Estate Agents in Jaipur also provide the luxurious apartments of Arg One, the real estate organizations of Rajasthan. This apartment provides ultimate luxury with constant ventilation and zero wastage of space. They provide 3 and 4BHK flats starting from 3 crores.

The property dealers in Jaipur bring access to the various apartments and villas to the clients so that they can make the right choice according to their budget. However the main role of the agents has diversified from helping the customer in choosing the property to managing the risk factors of the client’s investment. Though technology provides a better and faster access to the properties, but a close insight can only be available from the real estate agents. It should always be remembered that the agent is a neutral man and does not benefit from any dealing personally.