The Top 5 Insurance Policies Everyone Should Have

When it comes to insurance, most people don’t really think about it past their car and health insurance policies. However, there are actually a lot of lesser known insurance policies out there that are frequently overlooked. Check out these policies and see if getting one of these policies from qualified Prince George insurance agents might be right for you. Get the best insurance agent out there – and these policies that, in the wrong situation, will have you covered.The Top 5 Insurance Policies Everyone Should Have

1. Life Insurance

Many people don’t like to think about purchasing life insurance. Yes, it can be unpleasant to face your mortality, but on the other hand, it’s better to accept reality than to fight against it. This is an especially important insurance policy to consider if you have a wife, a husband, children, or other people who depend on you. If they would be left in a difficult position if you died, getting life insurance and replacing the income that would be lost if anything were to happen to you is the best thing you can do for them while you’re still here. Even if you’re not going anywhere, an insurance policy is that ‘just in case’ back up.

2. Property Insurance

Property insurance protects home owners on a number of fronts. If someone gets injured on your property, even if it’s an accident, they may have medical costs to pay. Insurance won’t always cover all of it and they may be required to sue the homeowner in order to get their treatment costs covered. It’s one of those policies that can really protect you as a homeowner. If you have guests, parties, or people over on a frequent basis, it can be one of those extra policies that save your neck if injuries occur on your property.

3. Flood Insurance

Prince George insurance agents have some of the best insurance agents in the business, and they’ll tell you that if you aren’t covered for flood insurance on your home, you’re going to be left up the creek should a flood damage your property and belongings. Many a homeowner has neglected to put it on their policy and regretted it. Unfortunately, many home insurance policies do not automatically include flood insurance, so you may have to purchase it in addition to your existing policy.

4. Long Term Disability Insurance

No one likes to picture themselves being out of work. Long-term disability insurance may not be the most pleasant thing to consider, but it’s a good thing to mull over. Losing your earning power for the future can be devastating, and even more so if you’re not covered for it. A policy that has enough coverage for you if you can’t keep working may have you covered when the rug is pulled out from under you.

5. Fire Insurance

Getting fire insurance can help you covered as a homeowner. If you don’t have an insurance agent to advise you on fire insurance, there are plenty of Prince George insurance agents will set you up with the best insurance agent they have. Be protected in case a fire damages or burns down your home and look into fire insurance today.